• Diamond® Attachment Chain
    Contact Diamond Chain for more information on our attachment chain solutions.

  • Diamond ACE®
    For environments that require protection against moisture and humidity.

  • Diamond Oven Pin
    Featuring the PEEK tip to withstand high temperatures without drying or cracking.

Nothing Outlasts a Diamond®

At the Diamond Chain Company, roller chain is our passion, our focus, and our calling. Our continuing success depends on your success and that's why attention is paid to the smallest of details when it comes to our businesses.

At Diamond Chain, we know that our engineering and manufacturing processes are second to none. In fact, we're so confident that “Nothing Outlasts a Diamond,” that we back our products with an industry leading warranties against defect in material and workmanship.

And, Diamond Chain matches its world class products with world class service. From onsite maintenance seminars and technical support, to custom solutions and made-to-order products, Diamond Chain is available with the people and expertise to solve your problems.

Ask The Engineer

Are you curious about cotters? Pondering pitch length? Thinking about tensile strength? Wondering about wide waist link plates?

Send your roller chain questions to: asktheengineer@diamondchain.com or write to us at Attn: Ask the Engineer c/o The Diamond Chain Company, 402 Kentucky Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana 46225. If we select your question to answer during the month, we'll send you a little something as our way of saying thanks so don't forget to include your name and address.

ASME / ANSI Roller Chain

ASME / ANSI Roller Chain

Diamond Chain's extensive ASME / ANSI product assortment provides industry leading wear life and is available in a variety of base materials, finishes, and lubrications.

Attachement Roller Chain

Infinity Series

Available in ANSI 25 through 240 and ISO 05B through 032B. Includes single and multi-strand, heavy series, and solutions for specialized applications.

Oil and Gas Chain

Sapphire Series

Includes ANSI 25 through 160 and ISO 05B through 048B single and multi-strand, and select maintenance-free, and attachment solutions.

ISO / British Standard Roller Chain

ISO / British Standard Roller Chain

Diamond Chain offers ISO / British Standard product in both the Diamond and Sapphire product series including single, duplex, and triple and oval contour product in both Infinity and Sapphire.

Oven Pin Chain

Oven Pin Chain

Diamond Chain offers over 50 different tips and pin extensions including the proprietary PEEK™ tip which is designed to withstand high temperatures without drying or cracking.

Agriculture Chain

Agriculture Chain

Diamond Chain's agricultural chain solutions include ASME / ANSI standard and heavy chain, double pitch power transmission and conveyor chain, and standard and Made-To-Order attachments.